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Criminal Expungement Attorney in Alabama

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you probably know the details are lodged on official records. Until recently, when seeking employment or dealing with officialdom at any level in Alabama, this information could be disclosed without difficulty.

Things have changed. The government of Alabama has introduced a new law: You and your attorney can now ask the court to destroy all details of some types of criminal charges through what is called "criminal expungement."

I am John F. Brasfield, Attorney at Law. I have been defending clients in Tuscaloosa and throughout West Central Alabama for more than 15 years. Too often, I have seen the prejudice experienced by innocent men and women who have been charged – but never convicted – of a criminal offense.

Expungement: Clearing Criminal Records for Alabama Clients

If you successfully get your record expunged, it means the charge is deemed never to have existed:

  • Photographs and other arrest records will be deleted
  • References to your charge will be removed from official records, including court documents, federal databases and FBI records
  • If police receive a future inquiry about the charge, they are obliged to indicate that no record exists
  • Generally, you will not have to give details of the charge when applying for jobs or for credit
  • It will be a criminal offense for someone to intentionally disclose details of the offense

Protect Your Livelihood and Improve Employment Prospects

If you are looking for a job, and you are worried about a criminal charge on your record, talk to me. Remember, employers examine the backgrounds of potential employees more closely now than ever before.

I have made it my business to fully understand the new law: I believe that's part of the professional responsibility I owe to my clients. I will explain clearly how the law works and show how you can take advantage of it: Rely on me to get your criminal record expunged.

Criminal record expungement is possible. Contact me online or call 205-523-0046 to schedule your free lawyer consultation. My offices are near the new federal courthouse in downtown Tuscaloosa and I offer evening and weekend appointments.

John F. Brasfield, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout Tuscaloosa and West Central Alabama, including Northport, Birmingham and Greensboro, and in the following counties: Tuscaloosa County, Jefferson County, Bibb County, Hale County, Greene County, Lamar County, Pickens County, Fayette County and Sumter County.

John F. Brasfield, Attorney at Law, has over 17 years of experience representing clients in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Free consultation: 205-523-0046.